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Heated Socks

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Keep frost at bay with Warmthru!

Keep frost at bay with Warmthru!

Heated clothing - who needs it?
Winter Sports, Spectator Sports, Hikers, Hunters, Fishermen, Senior Citizens, Bird Watchers, Photographers...etc.

Heated Socks (to die for): Rechargeable, Washable, Unisex , Modular Heated Socks (to die for): Rechargeable, Washable, Unisex , Modular Ref: AB-HSE

Buy now to make sure you get yours. With every pair, you get batteries with on/off switch, socks, velcro leg straps and battery charger as standard.

Click to see animation of the Warmthru Heated Socks in action. (takes a few seconds to appear).

Main Features:
  • Modular design so you can replace all the bits separately (see accessories further below).
  • 100% Washable - because heat-element is easily removed from fabric.
  • Choice of two colours; grey and black - see drop-down menu further below.
  • Amazing heat, especially with 7.4V Heat Control Batteries (see link above)!
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries - price includes two 3.7V batteries with on-off switches. To replace these with more powerful Heat Control Batteries, select from the 'Which Battery Type' drop-down menu further below (extra 30.00GBP). Then select a charger (UK chargers are included in the price).
  • Flexible heat-element slides easily in and out of special foot-pocket.
  • Super-elasticated fabric means one-size-fits all sizing.
  • 3.7V Batteries last 3 to 3.5 hours used continuously.
  • Safe to use.
  • One size fits all.
  • Initial charging time around 4-8 hrs, then 5 hours.
Size chart

Price: 96.00 ($144.00) (Including VAT at 20%)

Which Battery Type
Which Colour (Black or Grey)
Which Charger (UK/Euro/USA)
Which Size (2 Choices)



Realshopping |  Heated Socks

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