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Heat Devil Heated Tabard

Realshopping |  Heat Devil Heated Tabard

Heat Devil Heat Devil Ref: AB-HD

Heated Tabards Product Details

Tabards fit over the head and close at the waist using robust velcro straps. They come in two size choices:
S-M size and M-L size. There is a lot of leeway with each size due to the nature of the tabard design.

Tabards come with two battery / element types: 3.7V or 7.4V. Possible combinations are S-M 3.7V, M-L 3.7V or
S-M 7.4V, M-L 7.4V.

Standard Heat Devils come with 2 batteries. For a full set of four you can choosefrom the drop down menu above.

Each type has its own heat time which can be found by clicking the 'More Product Info' button. The 3.7V will last 180 minutes in continuous use, reaching 40C and features an on-off switch.; the 7.4V offers a heat control with the ability to regulate heat from 100% to 75%, 50%, 25% which in turn increases longevity as you cycle downwards.

Supplied with 4 Kangaroo pockets, 2 at the front, two at the back, each pocket contains a large heat element and each element has a dedicated battery. Choose how many elements you want working at any one time; one only upper chest? Fine.
One lower back? Fine. Three or four at once? Fine. It is up to you. Carry spare batts with you as replacements. For maximum heat you will need 4 batteries, with all heat elements wworking.

Tabards for 7.4V and 3.7V are identical in design except for the battery pockets which, in the case of the 7.4V,
carry a transparent strip down the vertical centre making it easy to identify battery heat control
details and control button in order to regulate heat. The heat elements also differ in size.

Batteries are positioned at the front, four batteries, two on each side of the chest.
Elements and batteries are removable so you can machine wash your tabard
then replace elements and batteries.

Tabard ready-to-go kit (Standard):
  • One Heat Devil tabard
  • 4 Elements, one in each tabard pocket
  • 2 Li-Ion rechargeable batteries
  • Double-jack-plug charger

Tabard ready-to-go kit (Deluxe):
  • One Heat Devil tabard
  • 4 Elements, one in each tabard pocket
  • 4 Li-Ion rechargeable batteries
  • 2 x Double-jack-plug chargers

Price: 96.00 ($144.00) (Including VAT at 20%)

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Realshopping |  Heat Devil Heated Tabard

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